What Sets Our Clearwater Spas Apart from Other Spas

What Sets Our Clearwater Spas Apart from Other Spas

World Class Quality Spas

With over 37 years of award winning experience in design and engineering, the Clearwater Spas brand has become associated with quality and customer satisfaction throughout the world.

Global Service Network Support

Clearwater Spas are sold through our certified dealers in 15 countries throughout the world.

Energy Efficient & Green

Clearwater Spas is strongly committed to protecting the health of our environment and manufacturing energy efficient hot tubs that help to conserve our natural resources.

Protecting our Environment

Clearwater Spas prides itself in using environmentally friendly and recycled maters to help reduce the environmental impact on our planet.

Leading Innovator

As a leading innovator of quality hot tubs, we are continually setting the bar higher above others. Our engineering and design team meticulously crafts every component’s style and function for specific reasons – durability, strength, reliability, efficiency, comfort, and ultimate beauty. Our commitment to excellence has earned us awards and recognition from many respected industry organizations.

Benefits of Clearwater Spas

Medical Benefits for Arthritis and Muscle Pain

You know hydrotherapy feels good, but what do the experts say? The National Arthritis Association strongly endorses the use of hot water therapy for the treatment of arthritis pain. Hot water hydrotherapy can also be helpful for people who suffer from fibromyalgia that experience chronic pain in their muscles and joints, as well as other challenging symptoms.

Relieve Stress and Sleep Better

Maybe you don’t have arthritis, and maybe you aren’t a professional athlete, but you do deserve a daily, relaxing getaway from worry and your mile-long to-do list. Enjoying a Clearwater Spa can bring you a lifetime of therapeutic pleasure in relieving the stresses, aches and pains of everyday life. Slip out of your cares and into the warm comforting waters of a Clearwater Spa today. Let us help you change your life forever.

The Healing Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Over the last decade, sports medicine and physical rehabilitation professionals have increasingly come to rely on the benefits of hydrotherapy. When your body becomes buoyant, aches and pains drain from your joints as pressure is relieved. As your body temperature warms, lactic acids are cleansed from your muscles. As the jets stimulate your body, endorphins – the body’s natural painkillers – are released.

Relax and Enjoy your Quiet Hydromassage

The exclusive hydrotherapy action created in Clearwater Spas is a mixture of warm air blended with a balanced warm water flow. This Clearwater Whisper Flow Technology begins with a powerful, energy efficient high performance pump engineered to deliver high volumes of water while reducing the noise common with other brands. An exclusive manifold plumbing design guarantees an even distribution of water to each therapy jet. Warm air is introduced to the water stream, as air from the heated interior of the spa cabinet is pulled through a hydrotherapy valve. The result? The most stimulating hydro therapy massage you can imagine – and only from Clearwater Spas.